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Droneradar Space

Continuous Drone Organisation Management

  • Commercial companies using UAS in their operations for their own use or to provide services in the field of:

    • Surveying

    • Infrastructure inspection

    • Still and motion picture production

    • Specialised services

  • State-owned companies using UAS for their statutory activities:

    • Infrastructure monitoring,​

    • Environmental monitoring

    • Inspections

  • Public administration units using UAS in their statutory activities:

    • Municipal police

    • Environmental protection departments

    • Departments of geodesy and real estate

    • Departments of promotion

  • Safety and security services:

    • Fire brigades

    • Police

    • Forest authorities

  • Farmers

  • Crew registry

  • Aircraft registry

  • Logbook (flights, maintenance)

  • Preparation and management of procedures including:

    • operational manual,

    • Emergency Response Plan,

    • UAS Operator obligations (UAS.SPEC.050),

  • Notifications of regulatory changes,

  • Analysis of required documentation for a given mission,

  • Automated execution of ground risk analysis (including iGRC calculation),

  • Automated preparation of SORA documentation,

  • Checklists

  • Compliance of flight operations with current regulations

  • Reduced time to prepare documentation

  • Increased flight safety

Welcome to the world of professional aviation. If you have come to our site, it means that you are already performing or planning to perform professional services with the help of UAS. Droneradar Space, is a dedicated platform, for supporting organisations using UAS for commercial or statutory purposes in a Special category.

Droneradar Space is a complete system supporting the management of an organisation performing unmanned flights in the special category,


At Droneradar Space, we support you to manage your organisation systematically and regularly.

Flying in Special category (NSTS, STS, PDRA, SORA) requires the establishment of an organisation in which resources are managed in a systematic way.


Resource management must be continuous, that is, such that every significant event affecting the organisation is recorded.

An event could be a flight, a service action, a new person joining the team, a change in operating procedure. In other words, anything that can affect the flights performed.

Droneradar Space, thanks to its modules, representing the resources of the organisation and the responsibilities of the people involved in the flights, makes it possible to reduce the time taken to prepare pre-flight documentation by up to 10 times.

With Droneradar Space, you can focus on running your business and we, keep track of the regulations and notify you what to complete and when to stay up to date with the law.



The secret to the effectiveness of a modern organisation. is how records are managed, which is why at Droneradar Space, data security and confidentiality are our top priority. We do not share your data with anyone. Even our employees, do not have access to it, directly.

Although the first steps with Droneradar Space require some work, you will see the benefits from the first report. Firstly, by describing your organisation, you will organise and structure your knowledge. Secondly, you will be able to generate legally required documents at any time. Thirdly, the modularity of the platform will reduce the tedious preparation of the NSTS to a few minutes and the SORA to a maximum of a few dozen.


The data on the map in Droneradar Space is updated frequently, so that you have a tool that aggregates the most complete, commercially available set of information needed by a UAS Pilot.

Your data belongs to you. This means that you can download it (as pdf files) or change it at any time.


Droneradar Space not only helps you manage your organisation, but also allows you to comply with a number of legal provisions from more than a dozen pieces of legislation. Below, we outline in a schematic way which functions of the system correspond to the provisions of which piece of legislation. If you are interested in more detailed information on specific legislation, please contact us (, we will provide you with a detailed and up-to-date list.

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947

SORA function, Procedures management function, Crew registry function, Logbook function 

National Aviation Law

Aircraft registry function

National CAA guidlines

Operational Manual management function, Ground Risk Assesment,  NSTS function

Training and subscriptions

Training and subscriptions

Training, subscriptions, 


Training and subscriptions

Training and subscriptions

Training and subscriptions

Access to our platform is on a small subscription fee basis depending on the size of your organisation. If you are interested in access to the platform or a detailed price list:

  • Make an appointment with us for an online presentation (link)

  • Write to

  • Contact your equipment distributor or pilot school if listed as one of our partners



If you are interested in testing the platform, register for a free 30-day trial.


Automatically generated

SORA documentation

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